101 Best Local SEO Articles You Must Read in 2019

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Local search engine optimization is now the prime part of every business to succeed. Because, now people are searching for getting localized results for their inquiries. Many entrepreneurs are still not aware of the exact scenario behind the best local seo. For a successful business, the product or service should definitely meet all the localized needs. So, it should be important to do Local SEO for your business. Now Google also give some priority to localized searches. We are here to guide you by providing 100+ best local seo article by the masters in this field. This should be helpful to you to know more about local SEO and also help you to grow your business.

1.The big picture guide to local SEO: ranking in 2016 & beyond

In this article, Columnist Marcus Miller explains about primary SEO ranking factors for local search, negative ranking factors and ways to differentiate yourself from the competition.He says that the state of play and ranking factors are the important things of Local SEO marketing. This article provides a good explanation of all the local SEO ranking factors and negative ranking factors. Read this article on searchengineland.com.

2. Local SEO in 2017: 5 simple ways to dominate local search

The article is very much helpful for the newcomers to local SEO. It explains about five tactics. You can use it in this year to rank higher in local search and improve your business. In the article Columnist Sherry Bonelli explains about Title and meta description tags, Online directories and citations, Google My Business, Claim and optimize, Online reviews matter and Use local structured data markup. Read this article on searchengineland.com.

3. 45 Local SEO Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

This Moz blog says that each business is like a Pitfalls game. It guides you to riding high and rise from those bottomless pits of your business.The article says you should open the doors of your local enterprise and work hard on it in hopes of getting enough revenue.These are some great pitfalls when and these types of mistakes happen when we do local SEO. You should read it to make enough success along with some dignity from your business before you retire. Read this article on moz.com.

4. Local SEO: How To Rank Your Local Business

This article is a lecture on how to rank our local business. By using charts, it explains the breakdown of the weighting of various ranking factors within local SEO campaigns. It detailing about all ranking techniques. Make the best use of it for your local SEO activities. Read this article on searchengineland.com.

5. What is local SEO and why do you need it?

The article says local SEO is becoming one of the essential components of every business and the brand must have a long-term success across search engines. Local SEO has a significant growth over last few years, due to the rise of smartphone usage and better connectivity.This article explains well about why we need local SEO and On-page local SEO. Read this article on econsultancy.com.

6. 6 Local SEO Strategies For Small Businesses

This article also explains about local SEO strategies that work for small business to make it successful. It deals with the important things to care about SEO implementation. The article detailing about the points like Create Local Places Pages, Optimize and Properly Categorize Your Page, Accurate Business Citations etc. Read this article on forbes.com.

7. Eight ways to do local SEO without content marketing

The article explains different ways to do local SEO. What follows are many things that you can do as a local business to make the most out of local search.From the detailing about the topic it shows content marketing is not an essential thing and understanding a few important things about how local SEO works, you can beat competitors. Read this article on searchenginewatch.com.

8. Why Local SEO Is About to Become Even More Important

The article put forward a point that one of the main reason for the importance of local SEO is the favoritism of Google towards local search.Local search engine optimization isn’t just about local mom-and-pop shops anymore. It also says that practically any business can take advantage of local SEO’s benefits.Go through it to know more. Read this article on entrepreneur.com.

9.  How to Attract Local Customers: A Complete Guide to Local SEO

The article is a complete guide for local SEO. Neil Patel explains all features, Google updates related to and working of SEO. From the blog, it’s clear that, for any person who wants to grow their business locally, they must to do follow online marketing SEO strategies.This article is helpful for online marketing and local SEO development. Read this article on neilpatel.com.

10.  Local SEO: The Definitive Guide 2017

This local SEO guide can give you a great jump start on finding the most dominant Local SEO strategy that works for your business or client.It puts together every resource and explains step by step highly effective strategies. Read this article on thesiteedge.com.

11.  Local SEO: The Definitive Guide

This link leads to go a video article. It says the learning curve for Local SEO is much shorter and it can still have a big impact on search performance for small businesses and also small business owners feel overwhelmed by SEO. The article explains the benefits of doing SEO. Read this article on prontomarketing.com.

12. 7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO

The article is listing seven specific reasons why your business definitely invests in organic SEO. It says SEO plays an important role in our business and Your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding in terms of online marketing. Read this article on forbes.com

13. Creating a Local SEO Welcome for New Neighbors and Travelers

The article points out that almost every incoming local business client is that they need local SEO, specifically, because they need to be found on the web by local people. It is a welcome guide to the newcomers and it is very much useful. Read this article on moz.com.

14. Get Found, Locally

The article explains local SEO and the importance of service area and relevance. Also, describe the NAP and Maps pack. This article well explains the topics like Onsite Optimization etc. Read this article on 180fusion.com.

15. Local SEO

The article mainly explains Mobile Search and Google Plus and Maps. In this digital world, the search is dominated by smartphones. Local businesses can further increase their rankings and visibility by using Google Plus, which has become a key component of local SEO. Read it to get some advanced features. Read this article on socialseo.com.

16. What Is Local SEO Marketing and Why Does It Matter to Your Small Business?

This article has 5 points with the explanation. It includes What is local SEO marketing, Why does local SEO matter, Local Searches are More People-Centric, How local SEO was born, How you can improve your business etc. The article treats local SEO marketing as very important. Read this article on bluecorona.com.

17. The Small Business Guide to Local SEO

It is very much helpful to small businesses to start with local SEO. Each point is very descriptive.Go through the topics, even if local isn’t your target audience, personalized search need to add Local to your online strategy. Read this article on marketingexchange.com.

18. Tips for your Local SEO content strategy

This article is helpful to your content strategy when you are doing local SEO. It explained in detail about all the things we need to take care. Contents are the important factor when you plan to market locally. Read this article on yoast.com.

19. What is Local SEO and How to Optimize Local SEO Effectively?

The article says how to optimize SEO effectively. It lists out all the important method to enhance search engine optimization. It detailing everything with pictures.Make the use of it. Read this article on activecampaign.com.

20. 52 Local SEO Strategies for SMBs

This one says about search engine optimization for local businesses and SMBs which is more difficult and competitive. There are generally three main types of local SEO strategy categories to concentrate on Optimizing local listings and citations, Optimizing your website and its content, Optimizing and working on the links to your website. Have look on it to know details. Read this article on searchenginejournal.com.

21. Local SEO Tips for 2017

In this article, all the ranking factors for local SEO is explained.It also explained about the local SEO optimizations. Read this article on seedpublicity.co.uk.

22. The Complete Guide to Local SEO

This article gives the details of the difference between the strategies of local SEO and organic SEO.It also gave an idea about local SEO audit. Read this article on singlegrain.com.

23. Moving Your Office Without Losing Rankings: The Local Business Owner’s Guide

This is a complete guide for local business owners.It detailing all the factors that a business owner should know while doing local SEO. Read this article on searchengineland.com

24. Stop the Local SEO Tunnel Vision & Think Beyond the Basics

This article says that local SEO is not a difficult thing.Everybody can do it. It explains the local SEO in detail and the ranking factors. Read this article on moz.com.

25. The insider’s guide to local SEO for real estate professionals

This is one of the local SEO guides for real estate professionals. The article lists and describes the main three points for local SEO like Businesses with 10 or more reviews get 3.5 times the attention and 6.5 times the inquiries, Local behavior and mobile signals can play a role in search results, 91 percent of consumers turn to their mobile devices in these moments for help making decisions.Make the use of it. Read this article on inman.com.

26. SEO Musts for Local Business

It is a short article.But it explains all the important things of local SEO.It gives a clear idea about local SEO for business.It narrates all the technical terms related to local SEO. Read this article on webconfs.com.

27. Even If A Brand Can’t Do SEO, It Can Still Do Local SEO

It deals with the importance of doing local SEO.Even if you don’t feel comfortable with SEO, think locally and do local SEO for your business brand to be established locally. Read this article on searchengineland.com.

28. Don’t Forget Local SEO As You Optimize Your Website.

It tells us the importance of local SEO when we are optimizing our website. It explains the local SEO and mobile friendly optimization in detail. Read this article on 3mediaweb.com.

29. Local SEO for small business

It is a small article which explains local SEO and its strategies. It also narrates the basic steps you need to know about local SEO. Read this article on simplybusiness.co.uk.

30. Local SEO & Beyond: Ranking Your Local Business in 2017

The article teaches about some supplementary organic strategies to take into our local marketing campaign. They are How local search has changed since last year, Why & how your overall focus may need to change in 2017, Actionable advice on how to rank better to get more local traffic & more business etc. These points lead to enhance our site visibility. Read this article on moz.com.

31. 7 Local SEO Tips for Your Small Business

The article lists out seven tips for local SEO. It says the Internet is constantly getting more competitive and high, non-local organic search engine rankings are harder to achieve.This article explains about the tips like Use keywords to target local areas, Get listed in directories, Focus on other search engines, Register the domain name with the business, Create multiple domain names, Remain clear on your target, Claim your business etc. Read this article on chaosmap.com.

32. How Local SEO Works and Why It Matters for Small Businesses

Here are eight tried and tested tips to help you improve our businesses in local search position right away. The tips must enhance your SEO knowledge and it helps to improve your site by optimizing it. Read this article on entrepreneur.com.

33. 11 Conventional local SEO tips to rule google maps

The article lists some local SEO tips. It says that Google made biggest changes in the local search history. It resulted in a huge difference from what users and SEO experts had been experiencing all along. With the update, SEO experts work with new tips for higher ranking.Go with some new tips and tricks. Read this article on simplilearn.com.

34. All the Details You Need to Rank with Local SEO Marketing

The article helps to enhance the site ranking. It explains about many ranking techniques. If ranking rises we want to work on many things like site speed, mobile friendliness, implemented local schema markup etc of our site. Read this article on martech.zone.

35. 12 Point Local SEO Checklist

The article gives a detailed description of local SEO. Here it has a local SEO checklist including many subfactors. This one is more helpful to study about local SEO. Read this article on smallbiztrends.com.

36. Schema.org Just Released New Restaurant Menu Markup — Here’s How to Get Started

This article mainly concentrate on schema or structured data writing. Most people who follow SEO, are familiar with structured data. It says about how schema is used by Google to keep many listings up to date. Read this article on moz.com.

37. 4 Local SEO Tips For 2016

The article describes The Top 4 Tips for Local SEO in 2016. That are Go Mobile Or Go Home, Voice Search Is Calling, Direct Data Matters for Local SEO and Good Local SEO Means a Great Customer Experience. It gives a brief explanation of how to improve local SEO. Practice those tips. Read this article on ducttapemarketing.com.

38. Local SEO: How to Gain Visibility in 2016

The article say about How to Gain Visibility in 2016. From article we get ideas about local statistics, local ranking factors, ranking factors includes external location signals, Google my business and review signals. We can also know about exploring local optimization, off-site tactics , off-site tactics have Google My Business, Architecture (Markup and Local Page Structure) and Local SEO Checklist. Read this article on thesearchagency.com.

39. Why The Google Local SEO 3 Pack Matters to Your Local Business

This article describes only four points like What is the Google Local SEO 3 Pack, Why has Google changed to the local SEO 3 pack, How does it impact your local business and 6 ways on how to adjust your local SEO strategy. Read this article on upwork.com.

40. Local SEO Strategies and Techniques

This article detailing about the SEO strategies and techniques.It is very much useful for a local business. It points out the optimization strategies to make your SEO local. Read this article on onlinethinkers.com.

41. Your Daily SEO Fix: Keywords, Concepts, Page Optimization, and Happy NAPs

The article explains four SEO fixes. First one is Grouping and analyzing keywords by label to judge how well you’re targeting a concept. Next fix is Adding alternate NAP details to uncover and clean up duplicate or inaccurate listings. Another one is Research keywords and concepts to fuel content suggestions. And the last fix is Discover whether your pages are well-optimized as you browse. Read this article on moz.com.

42. The Ultimate Guide To Local SEO

This article provides a complete guide to Local SEO. It gives expanded explanation for each factors of local SEO. The detailed description is helpful to achieve your target customers. Read this article on thehoth.com/.

43. SEO 101: Local Search Marketing Advice and Tips

This article provides local marketing advice and tips. The article starts with search engine basics and describes about Google map strategy, map optimization, organic search strategy and social media strategy. Read this article on seomechanic.com

44. What is Local SEO?

The article deals with many points to explain about local SEO. What is local SEO and what does Google say about local SEO and Three search engine ranking factors are described here. It lists test sites for local SEO and explains how to prioritize local SEO efforts. Read this article on websaucestudio.com.

45.  A Guide to Ranking in Local SEO

This article is the brief description of Ranking in Local SEO. Search rankings are critical to any business, and also Google offering local search results along with traditional search content. So local SEO is more important than ever. The article helps to build a strong, localized search foundation. Read this article on blog.cmglocalsolutions.com

46. How to Write Blog Content to Improve Your Local SEO

Blog Content of the local SEO is the theme of this article. If you have locally focused blog content, you can put your business on the top of online traffic and stand out from your competitors. It says that the easiest and most effective way to boost your visibility is by becoming a destination for local internet users. Read this article on itscrash.com.

47. Local SEO: Search Ranking Factors 2017

It explains all the ranking factors with the help of some survey results. It briefs about local packs and finders and also about the general ranking factors and the results of each. Read this article on onlineownership.com.

48. Best Ranking Factors in 2017 for Local SEO

The article helps to study the best ranking factors for Local SEO. It says the first step is Research Local Keywords then Optimizing your Meta Data. And then Optimizing your Content for Local Keywords then Make sure your NAP Listings are consistent. The last step is Optimize your Google My Business. It describes Private Blog Network (PBN) Links. Read this article on serprank.com.

49. The Importance of Local SEO

The article talks about the importance of local SEO. Here are 3 important tips that can help you to learn about Local SEO. They are Use correct citations, Provide local content and Work on building relationships. It has a clear explanation of the points. Read this article on ismarts.com.au.

50. What is local SEO and how can it help your business?

Mainly four points are explained in this article. How to appear for multiple office locations, Business citations, Voice search and the Tools to use. The article says about the main tools lists like Schema Generator, Google My Business Category Tool, Moz Local etc. Read this article on firstfound.co.uk.

51. Local SEO: 3 Ways to Find Customers Near You

The article explains the three ways to find customers. The first step is to sign up for a Google My Business Account. Next, is provide thorough and precise information about your business. And the last one Be mindful of your reviews.It is helpful to know more about your customers. Read this article on nav.com.

52. Best Practices for Local SEO in 2017

The article teaches how to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly for local businesses. It says that Google’s SERP has evolved and impacted local SEO, particularly for auto dealerships. The article describes the 4 Ways Google’s SERP has changed and 4 SEO Tactics for adapting to Google’s changes. Read this article on adpearance.com.

53. Copywriting for Local SEO Success

Four topics are included in this article. They are Why Local Search Matters, Conducting Strategic Local Keyword Research, Infusing Your Site with Local Keywords and Where to Optimize Content On-Site to Earn Local Search Traffic.It explains these points effectively. Read this article on zaginteractive.com.

54. Becoming A Local SEO Expert For Multiple Locations

The article has four points and its explanation. The Google My Business Locations is the very first step to establishing a presence in a new market. It says that the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when expanding your reach to new territories and countries are to create a top-level domain or a sub domain for each location. It explains about the topic Optimize Your Website for Each Location also. Read this article on foxtailmarketing.com.

55. Five Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

The article lists out five SEO tips. It includes Create a targeted landing page for each location, Optimize your local listings and keep citations consistent, Develop a local content strategy, Strategically use and promote reviews and Measure your performance. Read this article on marketingprofs.com.

56. A complete Local SEO guide for small businesses

The article provides a practical local SEO guide for business owners. It explains about how to achieve good local search rankings. The detailed explanation of local search ranking must help small business owners. Read this article on searchenginewatch.com.

57.  Are Check-Ins A Local Ranking Factor

The article says about local ranking factor. It says that Google’s blog post on how local search ranking works stated that they use three primary signals for rank determination: Relevance, Prominence, and Distance. The article leads to knowing how to improve local ranking. Read this article on searchengineland.com.

58. How To Use Schema and Open Graph Markup For Local SEO

The article describes schema and open graph markup for local SEO. If the semantic markups use in your websites, it can improve your traffic and search results which are not directly related to something you sell.Your website gets benefited as your overall popularity becomes augmented. Read this article on searchengineland.com.

59. Can Blogging Be Your Secret Weapon For Local SEO?

The article says about blogging is an important thing or a secret weapon to enhance site ranking. It says Good blogging doesn’t have to be a back-breaking enterprise. It will require some effort and/or some cost, depending upon if you outsource it or if you do it completely yourself. Read this article on searchengineland.com.

60. 7 Local SEO Strategies To Give Your Business A Boost

This article lists out 7 local SEO strategies. In local businesses you should consider how best to invest more in the local SEO initiatives for improved visibility and engagement. The listing strategies are Reviews, NAP, Rich Answers, Build Local Links, Dense Content, Mobile Optimization and Voice Search. Read this article on searchenginepeople.com.

61. Location Data + Reviews: The 1–2 Punch of Local SEO

The article is very interesting, it writes like a story. It has a detailed explanation of the ranking and importance of Local SEO. Read this article on moz.com.

62. Local SEO tips for lawyers five steps to rank

This article says about the importance of high ranking in local search results for lawyers. While this may sound like an “easier said than done” proposition, there is a proven 5-step search engine optimization (SEO) process that can maximize your visibility in local search results and put your law practice in front of clients who are looking for your services. Read this article on mainstreetroi.com.

63. What does voice search mean for your local SEO strategy?

Voice search is a growing trend that has been pinging the radars of savvy search marketers for the last few years. This article says about the voice searches. Mobile voice-related searches are 3X more likely to be local-based than text-based queries. This makes local SEO critical for businesses seeking to appear in these results. Read this article on clickz.com.

64. 7 Local SEO Tips to Put Your Business on the Map

The article says about seven strong SEO tips for local SEO. A strong local search marketing strategy can help businesses reach new customers who are searching for location-specific services and products. Here it lists all the main strategies using in local SEO search. Read this article on conductor.com.

65. 27 Local SEO Tips Your Lazy Competitors Are Neglecting

This article quotes “If you’re running a brick-and-mortar business in your local community, it’s important that you optimize your site for local search results”. In this article, you get 27 important local SEO tips that will keep you on top of the search engine results pages. The description is short and relevant. Read this article on inc.com.

66. Local SEO Checklist for Small Business

The article is a detailed description of local SEO checklist. This comprehensive local SEO checklist will help you optimize your website for local search. It says that Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it appears in the first positions of Google, Bing and Yahoo for searches that are related to your area / city / country. Read this article on reliablesoft.net.

67. 3 Ways Local SEO Can Deliver Business Results

This article points out that SEO is not all about just links and content. It’s about attracting and engaging with users who want and need what you provide. If you are serious about growing your local reach, having a dedicated local SEO strategy is extremely important. In this article share 3 things you need to do to grow your presence in local search. Read this article on business2community.com.

68. Local SEO: The Most Powerful Customer Acquisition Strategy

The article deals with the three main categories for Local SEO success. They are on-page optimization, local directory syndication, and local link building. These categories are well explained here. Read this article on qsrmagazine.com.

69.  What is Local SEO (and How to Do It Well)

In 2015 nearly two-thirds of local customers used online search engines and directories as their main way to find local businesses. This article provides some questions related to local SEO. Explanation of these questions leads to the complete knowledge of local SEO. Read this article on marketergizmo.com.

70.  How to Support Your Small Business Clients’ Success with Local SEO

The article says the organic search is not a game that your small business clients are going to be in a position to win easily or quickly. It will take time, money, and effort on their part to make a dent in search rankings and to be in a position where they can actually rival space-hogging paid search ad placements. Here you get a detailed explanation of what you want to do. Read this article on premium.wpmudev.org.

71. How to use the Local SEO content writer to create content for local advertising

The article is introducing a new content creation task for SEO Content Machine. The local SEO writer allows you to create content for local SEO needs. This article is very useful and short. Read this article on seocontentmachine.com.

72. 8 Ideas for Writing Local-SEO Optimized Content

This is talking about the 8 ideas for writing local SEO content. Each one is more relevant. First one is Get Involved in the Community and Show It Off.Next one is Attend a Local Event, then Newsjack Your Local News Sources etc.Read it for more. Read this article on audiencebloom.com.

73. Go Beyond Keywords to Build a Local SEO Strategy That Works

It says SEO is more than selecting strong keywords and using them liberally on your website. You need a strategy and a mix of tactics to make it work. Using social media and SEO tools can help improve your website’s search-ability and get it in front of the right audience.The article explains some strategies. Read this article on 3mediaweb.com.

74. 8 Ways to Dominate Your Local SEO Rankings

This article tells us SEOs just have to make a few improvements into their local SEO campaign in order to have the substantial effect on your organic search rankings. This article gives you some tips on how you can improve your local SEO campaign. Read this article on seo-hacker.com.

75. Off-Site Local SEO Activities for Small Businesses

Here are three key areas to focus on in your small business. It says Local SEO encompasses many different activities, some of which have much more impact than others. Small businesses with limited budgets and a lot of other things to attend to must prioritize carefully to get results from their local SEO campaigns. Read this article on thebalance.com.

76. 8 Tips to Tailor Your Blog Content for Local Search

This article says Blog content is a perfect vehicle for doing local SEO. But it only works if that content is tailored to impact local search engine results and nurture a local audience. Here are eight tips and that guides you to what you want to do to improve your local ranking positions. Read this article on contentmarketinginstitute.com.

77. 9 Local SEO Tools That Will Save You Time

To help you get started in local SEO, here’s a list of local SEO tools to save you time, help your company get noticed, and drive results for your local campaigns. The article point out that Local SEO can be difficult to manage, though. And it’s only getting more complicated as search engines adapt to the wave of smartphone searches and geo-location. Read this article on reviewtrackers.com.

78. How Online Reviews Impact Local SEO and Why They Matter to Your Bottom Line

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, online reviews are important for a number of reasons, and have major implications through their ability to affect Your rankings in local search engines, Which search results actually gets clicked on. This article deals with online reviews and how it affect your rankings. Read this article on shopify.com.

79. 9 Tips To Grow Your Business With Local Search

If you want to improve your search marketing and reduce your advertising costs, getting local SEO right is vital for boosting quality local traffic to your website. The article provides you 9 main tips for improve search engine optimization. The article says that the extra effort put into your local search strategy can give you a great return on investment, potentially saving you loads on marketing and advertising spend. Read this article on blog.optus.com.au.

80. Local SEO Tips For 2017

Here are few guidelines to help you to execute local SEO strategies so that you can get more from it. The article says that Local SEO campaigns are quite different than general SEO campaigns. Though it is a challenging task to implement a local SEO strategy, it has the potential to provide your business with exceptional benefits. Read this article on logicservedigital.com.

81. Local SEO Ranking Factors for Multi-location Businesses

Google has made significant changes in the last few years concerning how it ranks websites for businesses. This article has explanations about currently acceptable standards, review some recommended practices, and discuss the changes you need to make to rank well for location-based keyword phrases. Read this article on practicalecommerce.com.

82. Make Google Happy by Tackling Local SEO

Search engine optimization is complicated and tedious. The article says that the first thing is where you show up in Google then business page optimization. It explains about the role of social media in local SEO, landing page optimization, citations etc. Read this article on realtormag.realtor.org.

83. Local SEO Tips for Metro Area Businesses

The article explains about local pack results, localized results, local pack ranking signals etc.It says that Search engines have grown increasingly sophisticated, refining their signals to reduce noise, fight spam, incorporate user experience, and utilize elements of machine learning. Read this article on mathys-potestio.com.

84. 9 Tips to Boost Your Local SEO with Social Media

It explains the methods to boost your local SEO with social media.It gives a detailed description about the topics like use the right social media,use keywords in social media etc. Read this article on optilocal.org.

85. Automotive SEO – Local SEO For Auto Shops

The article says “when people in your area Google auto detailing, or auto repair, etc. Do they see your shop on the front page? If not, you could be losing out on hundreds of dollars worth of business every week. Learn the tricks to making sure your shop shows up when people Google your services”. It is a complete guide of local SEO for auto-shops. Read this article on getritty.com.

86. Local SEO Checklist for Small Business

Here is a checklist for small businesses, local business or start-ups. If you are the owner of a small business or working for local clients you need to have a local SEO checklist. It is a short SEO description, but included all the things related to SEO. Read this article on rankdigitally.com.

87. 4 things to note when optimizing for local SEO in 2017

The article gives the main four things of local SEO. First one is Title tags and meta descriptions still work, then Keyword research. Third one is Optimize for Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. The last one is Local structured data. It explains all the points. Read this article on 1upmedia.com.

88. Improve your local SEO with these citation essentials

This article says that, One of the easiest areas to tackle when working on your local SEO is focusing on your citation profile. Your citation profile is the mention of your business details on any web page and will be referred to going forward as NAP. It gives a clear idea about the citation essentials. Read this article on wordtracker.com.

89. Local SEO: how to attract local customers in a digital age

The article lists out the factors that influenced by local SEO. Local SEO is distinctive from other types of SEO in that it specifically targets localised and geographical searches. This article have some tips to attract your customers. Read this article on businesswest.co.uk.

90. Best Local SEO Tips and Resources for 2017

It says that Local search has become a standard for businesses that service consumers in specific locales. Your online presences is just as important than your offline presence. The article have five Google local SEO tips to help you navigate through the steps needed to ensure that your business has the presence it needs to earn the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) results you deserve. Read this article on 1stonthelist.ca.

91. Local SEO Tips and Tricks #SEOcafe

Every day we see harsh competition between globally recognized brands on the Web. So for starting a small local business, your first thought might be They’re going to tear me apart! But then you understand that the local approach to SEO is different. The article is discussed local SEO tips, tricks and life hacks with your special guests. Read this article on semrush.com.

92. Local Businesses Are Leaving Money on the Table

The article describes about why businesses need to set up local search. Social medias are carrying an important role for local search.It makes you to know how to increase local search rankings. Read this article on gravitatedesign.com.

93. 5 Google Local SEO Tips for Surgeons

The article is a reference of implementing local SEO into a surgeon’s site. Five effective Google local SEO tips are listed here.This makes ranking in the 3-pack listings a coveted honor that can significantly impact your plastic surgery practice. The article sheds light on what it takes to rank in the 3-pack. Read this article on optimizedsurgeons.com.

94. Essential Guidelines to Local SEO for Dentists

All SEO is not same. While some businesses need to focus on a customer base that is national or international, dentists need SEO that is locally focused. Searches from potential patients are targeted and highly specific. Here it lists out five essential guidelines for you if you want to be in local searches for dentists. Read this article on smilesavvy.com.

95. An Understanding of Various Key Factors Related to Local SEO

The article focuses on various key factors related to local SEO. It describes what is local landing pages, who need thum and how localization can help. The article explains about affinity analysis, multilingual SEO, local and global SEO. Read this article on digitalvani.com.

96. 5 Ways to Rank in Local Search in a Changing Local SEO Ecosystem

The article describes five ways to rank in local SEO. They are Focus on Traditional SEO, Google My Business, Local Directories, Gain Reviews and Structured Markup. There are many more tactics that you can employ to improve your local visibility, but the 5 above will have the greatest impact. Read this article on anvilmediainc.com.

97. Local SEO for your business

In this article, exploring the ever developing relationship between Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing, through a local lens.The article says that The internet is teeming with information, entertainment and opportunity. As the search engines, social unicorns and technology giants jostle for your browser time and engagement. Read this article on blog.rtown.ca.

98. Local SEO: Ranking Your Website For Multiple Locations

The article explains four things to increase search ranking. Also listing Crucial Local SEO Tips from Experts. It says Ranking for more than one location isn’t rocket science. But it can quickly become a challenge if you’re not focusing in the right direction. Read this article on webhostingsecretrevealed.net.

99. 5 Things to Pay Attention to When Considering Local SEO and Your Blog

People are always talking about how SEO affects the quantity and quality of traffic your blog receives, but you’ll rarely hear local SEO discussed in terms of blogging. This article says Understanding Local SEO is the main thing for improve your SEO skill and also explains about the connection of blogging with local SEO. Read this article on problogger.com.

100. Digital Marketing The Local SEO Strategy You’re Probably Missing

The article provide a brief description about local SEO which helps to new developers for their SEO work. There are three strategies in which businesses normally utilize in order to provide on-page location content to their consumers, but only one provides the maximum benefit for search engine rankings. It explains each method and explain its influence on search engine rankings. Read this article on blog.zogdigital.com

101. Local SEO 101: How to Get Your Business on the First Page of Google

The article has all key factors of local SEO. It is presenting like a cartoon. Then gives proper information. It is discussing what Is Local SEO, Why Should Small Businesses Care About Local SEO, Local SEO Tips to Improve Search Rankings as a Small Business and Boost Your Business With a Local SEO Strategy. Read this article on bluecompass.com.


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