Confidently developed their website, attending to every nuanced detail. They sought a platform for seamless website management.


Project Overview.

Janaagraha selected WordPress to power their website and entrusted our team with the task of bringing their strategy team’s exceptional user interface design to life. Our team delivered a meticulously crafted website, meeting each requirement with precision, and ensuring that every detail was executed to perfection. We took great care to ensure that the final product was of the highest quality and met the expectations of Janaagraha’s team.



Services Offered.

WordPress Development

Website Enhancement

Technical Guidance


The Janaagraha team desired a platform that would allow them to fully manage their website, and they found that in WordPress. Their strategy team created an excellent UI design and was committed to implementing it with utmost precision.


About The Client.

Janaagraha is an NGO, founded in December 2001 by Swati and Ramesh Ramanathan.The duo’s contrasting experiences as citizens in Indian and global cities inspired them to pioneer citizen participation and urban governance reforms in India.


The WordPress website of Janaagraha underwent a revamp with an exceptional UI design. Although the team had experienced cyber attacks in the past, they were doubtful about continuing with WordPress. However, we were able to boost their confidence by demonstrating our other successful projects running on the same platform. Through our expertise, we have implemented the best practices for handling WordPress and maintaining maximum security, making it the ideal platform to provide an optimal user experience. Additionally, WordPress allows for hassle-free management of their website, enabling the client to have complete control over their content.


What Our
Clients Say.

Midnay is an extremely reactive company, finds the issues as quick as a flash and most importantly solves them in a blink of an eye! The company has been able to deal on two projects of mine, for performance issues and for migration from multisite to single installs. Great service and experience. Thank you Midnay.

Julien Pajot

CEO Los Nuevos Artesanos

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