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WordPress is the most popular blogging system in the web.it requires proper care and maintenance to ensure that your website works efficiently and stay protected from hackers. Midnay team is capable of handling the needs of wordpress maintenance services .Our solutions are affordable! So, if you offer us with the opportunity to help maintain your website, then our talented developers, work delicately.

What People say about us

You guys are amazing. They will not charge you unless you see the work requested and you are really satisfied. They do their best to get a task accomplished. They are really wow. And makes you feel everything is doable.

Ashwaq Abualrejal

Press Bee

The team at Midnay works fast, provides great customer service and feedback. It is a pleasure working with them.

Milvio Diaz

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We serve you the best of these in wordpress maintenance

wordpress updates

You should always update WordPress to the latest version. when you do not update your WordPress site, you are risking your website security and missing out on new features. The release includes both security hardening fixes and a handful of smaller bugs. Our team is always attentive to our promise to provide a secure WordPress experience for all customers.

Theme plugin updates

Plugins and themes are the two main aspects of wordpress. if you don’t update it, the website may cause errors and software conflicts. Outdated themes, plugins, and WordPress version are the number one way hackers gain access to your site. Even deactivated themes and plugins can leave your system vulnerable. These updates can be critical for security.


Site backups are essential because problems will happen anytime and you need to restore all data. we offer a proper backup method of your wordpress database and files for a better recovery option. If you have more clients or websites that you manage, it become a time-consuming, tedious task.

security fix up

WordPress is secured when security practices are followed. We can handle site security and provide important security updates and vulnerability patches. WordPress security is about risk reduction, not risk elimination. Because there will always be risk, security will remain a continuous process, requiring frequent assessment of these attack vectors.

wordpress support

The best place to ask support for plugins is in the support forums.you can find it by going specific plugins page. we take pride in providing the best wordpress support.We help dozens of users on a daily basis providing them with free WordPress support.Ultimately,we care of your WordPress security so you can focus on what is really important.

Why Midnay as your wordpress maintenance service provider?

  • Dedicated developers
  • 100% customizable website
  • Project delivery in line with exact specifications
  • Security optimization

wordpress maintenance services

Database management

WordPress works on database, use them to store all website data.Databases need maintenance.Our comprehensive Database Management services repair your database on a regular basis to help ensure optimal performance.it depends on things like how big your database is, how often things change and your server environment.

Speed optimization

When a person lands on your site for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention to convince them to hang around.We will analyze your website and helps decrease visitor drop-off and slow loading speeds. Speed up WordPress website with the extensive, easily understandable optimization strategies.

wordpress maintenance resources

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