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Stop worrying about your WordPress website maintenance. With WP Hinge WordPress maintenance service, Midnay will take care of your WordPress website.

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WordPress Maintenance
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WordPress Maintenance Plan

Why You Need a WordPress Maintenance Plan?

Despite being a simple and user friendly CMS, WordPress is a database driven web application with complex pre-made libraries. Like any other web application, WordPress requires consistent maintenance to remain stable, secure and performant.

Being the most used website management platform, WordPress is a common target for hackers, viruses, bots, and a lot of other malpractices in the web. How will it be when you wake up in the morning and see your website is hacked and shows X-rated contents? or your website is used to sell some banned drugs? 

With a good WordPress maintenance plan, you could always keeps your site safe and secure.


WordPress Support

Even with the most well designed websites, you may run into a glitch. Most developers provide post development support. But it doesn’t mean you could trust them with your website. Most people tend to hide a maintenance cost within their development quote. 

Seeing a separate price for WordPress maintenance service is an assurance of transparency. Midnay makes sure our service is transparent and sustainable. 

 If you’re not comfortable with coding spend time fixing your website, then Midnay is your trustworthy WordPress maintenance partner.

WordPress Support
WordPress Maintenance Service

Hassle Free
WordPress Maintenance Service

Maintaining a WordPress website can be a herculean task. Each hour you spend at WordPress maintenance is money lost doing your real business. This is why we launched WP Hinge – The hassle free WordPress maintenance service.

WP Hinge can help you with security, updates, monitoring, backups and fixes. We support you with an optimized, secure and well maintained WordPress website to boost your business.

You can relax and prosper your business, while our WordPress experts manage your WordPress website efficiently.


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 WordPress Maintenance Services

WordPress Maintenance 7

WordPress Updates

Our WordPress website maintenance plan you with WordPress core updates relieving you from security fix headaches. In case of any issues, we roll back to the latest stable version and update it again after fixing the bug.

WordPress Maintenance 8

Theme and Plugin Updates

Plugins and themes are the two main aspects of WordPress. Updates of plugins and theme is critical for security. We take care of all your WordPress plugin and theme updates and make sure the website is running safe.

WordPress Maintenance 9

WordPress Backups

WordPress website backups are as important as your life insurance. If something happens to the website, we will always have a backup to restore it. With the WordPress website maintenance plan we offer,  swift and  redundant WordPress backups .

WordPress Maintenance 10

WP Security Audits

WordPress is secured with quality in management. WordPress security is about risk reduction a continuous process. We handle WordPress security with standard WordPress website management practices and premium tools.

WordPress Maintenance 11

Uptime Monitoring

Worried about your site not available when viewers need it? Worried about not knowing of down times? We monitor your website uptime as a part of WordPress maintenance services. This helps us to find and solve issues in network and server.

WordPress Maintenance 12

WordPress Optimization

WordPress need regular optimization of database, by getting rid of any unused data, images and spam comments. Also images and pages are required to be optimized for good performance. We do all kind of speed optimization for your website.

WordPress Maintenance 13

WordPress Hack Repair

What will you do if your website is already hacked? We clean up your WordPress website from all infected malware and finds the backdoor through which the hack occurred. We rely on premium security services to make sure your site is clean.

WordPress Maintenance 14

WordPress Bug Fixes

Fixing errors on your WordPress website is something killing your time. This is why our WordPress care team provide WordPress bug fixing service. We help you to fix usual bugs and glitches on your WordPress website as per the plan opted.

WordPress Support Highlights

Specialist WordPress Developers

Regular WordPress Backups

Site Auditing and Uptime Monitoring

Reliabe WordPress Support and Care

Powerful WordPress Security

Bug Fixes and Speed Optimization

WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates

Transparent Billing 

Structured Project Management 

Other WooCommerce Services

WooCommerce Updates

WooCommerce Updates

Running and maintaining a WooCommerce website is hard! With a lot of WooCommerce add-ons and products , it need extreme care while updating.

As specialist WooCommerce developers, we help you update your WooCommerce store with extreme care. We keep your WooCommerce store up and running perfectly so that you can focus on sales growth.

WooCommerce Optimization

WooCommerce Optimization

When a person lands on your WooCommerce store for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention to convince them to hang around. The website speed plays a key role in your sales.

We analyze your website and helps decrease visitor drop-off due to slow site loading. Our WooCommerce experts speed up your WooCommerce store with extensive, easily understandable optimization strategies.

WooCommerce Backups

WooCommerce Backups

Unlike to WordPress Websites, WooCommerce stores need a more reliable and momentary backup. Even with daily backups, data will be lost while restoring as transactions occur every multiple time a day.

We provide specialized WooCommerce backups which copies your data whenever a transaction is made. 



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