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As a specialist WordPress agency, we are experts in providing reliable resources for WordPress Consulting, WordPress Development, WooCommerce Development, Website Optimization, and WordPress Support. Our team is deeply passionate about WordPress and can serve as your one-stop solution for all your WordPress needs. At Midnay, we are committed to delivering high-quality services to help you achieve your business goals.


Our Core Principles
Makes Us Unique.

Unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation sets up apart in delivering exceptional solutions for every client.

Customer Oriented

At midnay, customer centricity is at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each customer, ensuring their experience with us is seamless, personalized, and truly exceptional.

Innovative Eminence

Creative excellence is the cornerstone of our work. We strive to push boundaries, crafting a visually captivating solution that leaves an enduring impression and resonates with our clients’ audiences.

Epochal Expertise

In our pursuit of Excellence, we champion continuous learning and improvement. Our team stands resolute at the vanguard of industry trends, refining our skills, and embracing innovative practices to craft cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Result Driven

With a steadfast dedication to results, we channel our efforts towards generating tangible outcomes. Ensuring our clients witness genuine value and triumph in every project within the allocated time frame is our hallmark.

Clarity Nexus

At the heart of our operation lies a commitment to transparent communication. We hold fast to the principles of openness, Candor and lucidity in our dialogues with clients, forging a collaborative, trust-infused partnership that endures throughout every project.

Customer Support

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support to address any inquiries you may have. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and making your online journey with us a seamless experience.


Our Milestones.

Revolutionizing web experience: Midnay’s 10-Year journey pioneering innovative WordPress Solutions.

The Beginning.

The outset wasn’t abrupt; it unfolded gradually. It comprised a series of startups that were a tad ahead of their time to thrive. When the trio, the stalwarts of our team, resolved to transform their seven-year-old passion into a vocation, their entrepreneurial odyssey underwent a profound transformation.

Conception to Creation.

Naming the new venture proved to be quite a challenge. Our founders grasped the significance of a brand name and the careful deliberation needed to craft a distinct one. With plans to introduce a product under their brand, they began with the straightforward task of establishing a legal name: MIDNAY. This name came about by chance, a fusion of our founders’ names – Midhun, Anogh, and Ajay. While initially intended for legal purposes only, it took on a life of its own.

Position Pursuit

Location Pursuit.

In 2014, Midnay started its operations in Bangalore, but in 2015, the company moved to Kinfra Techno Industrial Park, Calicut. This relocation marked a significant moment in the company’s history. In a short span, ‘Midnay’ emerged as a recognized brand in the service industry.

Team Expansion

Team Expansion.

We’ve assembled our dream team, a group of four talented individuals comprising developers and designers. We’re elated to announce that each member brings a competitive edge, ensuring our business stays at the forefront. What’s even more exciting is that our powerhouse team consists of four incredibly capable women.

Exclusive Domain.

Midnay found themselves in a confined rental space but following some crucial decisions and strategic planning to propel the company forward, we secured a substantial area at KINFRA Techno Industrial Park. This marked our inaugural foray into owning a space, one that resonated with promise and provided a solid foundation. The journey was brimming with excitement, representing a monumental stride toward a brilliant future.

Tenacious Outlook.

During the turbulent waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, Midnay company remained resolute and unwavering, standing stern in the face of adversity. With unyielding determination, we pressed forward with our full strength to adapt, innovate, and ensure the safety and success of our team and partners.

The Pioneering Step.

Our initial focus was on Midnay. However, our conversation quickly shifted to a dedicated product development service, leading to the creation of Sprintisle Digital Solutions located at the Government Cyber Park in Calicut. Over the past nine years, Midnay has become extremely successful, while Sprintisle has gained one year of valuable experience. Both companies have thrived with a dedicated team of 35 experts. We are committed to pushing boundaries and delivering groundbreaking solutions, ensuring that our clients, too, can progress with absolute confidence.

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Clients Say.

Midnay is an extremely reactive company, finds the issues as quick as a flash and most importantly solves them in a blink of an eye! The company has been able to deal on two projects of mine, for performance issues and for migration from multisite to single installs. Great service and experience. Thank you Midnay.

Julien Pajot

CEO Los Nuevos Artesanos

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