Sudha Murty.

Sudha Murty’s personal website -showcasing her 250 books, a feast for avid readers Worldwide.


Project Overview.

February 23, 2023, stands as a momentous occasion in the records of Midnay as we unveiled the personal website of a distinguished philanthropist, the esteemed Indian author, Mrs. Sudha Murty. It was a culmination of aspirations realized, a dream fulfilled, igniting a wave of jubilation throughout our team at Midnay! 


Mrs Sudha Murty.

Services Offered.

WordPress Development

Website Enhancement


The strategy team had no doubts about highlighting elements throughout the website that reflected Mrs Sudha Murty’s unwavering affection for her Gajra and cherished pet Gopi, thus infusing the design with a distinctive essence of Sudha Murty. Our expectation was to develop the design with recommended animation and without filtering out the life of the website. Their primary requirement in the development phase was to meticulously list and map the details of the 250 published books, each with multiple language translations, without compromising authenticity.


About The Client.

Mrs. Sudha Murty, the former chairperson of Infosys, a great philanthropist, and a celebrated Indian author, possesses a radiant persona whose name speaks volumes on its own, rendering any introduction superfluous.


In crafting the website, we kept at the forefront the understanding that these books are the very essence of Mrs. Sudha Murty’s life. The development phase proceeded seamlessly for our team. However, the real challenge arose during the data migration process. This involved importing the data and meticulously ensuring its quality by visiting dedicated pages for each book and its translations ( translations also come with unique cover images)—a task that consumed significant time in this project.

During a review meeting with Mrs. Sudha Murty, it became evident that her passion and affection for her books were unparalleled. She expressed a strong desire to review each book along with its respective translations and descriptions. Interestingly, she preferred not to refer to any data sheet for these specific details, as everything was crystal clear in her mind. Mrs. Sudha Murty also shared poignant moments from her past, reminiscing about her journey that began at the age of 16, and she vividly recalls every detail of her books.

Finally, the data migration was finished and Mrs. Murty’s endorsement paved the way for the eagerly awaited launch.


What Our
Clients Say.

Midnay is an extremely reactive company, finds the issues as quick as a flash and most importantly solves them in a blink of an eye! The company has been able to deal on two projects of mine, for performance issues and for migration from multisite to single installs. Great service and experience. Thank you Midnay.

Julien Pajot

CEO Los Nuevos Artesanos

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