Sleek UI transformed into a custom WordPress theme with effortless management over the website. 


Project Overview.

Team TrustBridge approached us with a request to develop a single-page website with a highly complex UI design and a challenging deadline of three days. Despite the time constraints, our team accepted the project, and we were soon confronted with unexpected bugs. But, through effective team collaboration, we were able to successfully overcome the challenges. Our hard work paid off when we received words of appreciation from the client. One month later, they returned to us with a new UI design that had a more intricate UI and required additional pages. Our team was up to the task, and we successfully delivered the new design to the client on time and within the timeline.


Trust Bridge.

Services Offered.

WordPress Development

WordPress Maintenance

Website Enhancement


The client’s strategy team had developed an excellent plan for their website and had a well-designed user interface. However, they were hesitant to use WordPress due to previous problems they had experienced.They were searching for a technical team to enter into a long-term partnership with. 


About The Client.

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Akshay Jaitly and Karan Singh, who are among the esteemed founders of Trilegal, a top-tier law firm in India. They are also the co-founders of TrustBridge, which is one of the most respected first-generation law firms in India. With over 25 years of legal experience, they are determined to utilize their skills, expertise, and network to strengthen the rule of law for businesses in the country.


The UI design has been successfully converted into a custom WordPress theme that performs exceptionally well. Furthermore,we have expertly tailored the WP Dashboard, granting the client complete and unrestricted management of the website.After the launch, we are continuing to maintain the website and offering technical guidance to enhance the website.


What Our
Clients Say.

Midnay is an extremely reactive company, finds the issues as quick as a flash and most importantly solves them in a blink of an eye! The company has been able to deal on two projects of mine, for performance issues and for migration from multisite to single installs. Great service and experience. Thank you Midnay.

Julien Pajot

CEO Los Nuevos Artesanos

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