Kerala Technology Expo (KTX) 2024: A Must-Visit Event for Tech Lovers 

January 2024
Explore the forefront of technology at Kerala Technology Expo (KTX) 2024, hosted by CITI 2.0 in Kozhikode from February 29th to March 2nd. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge advancements across sectors like Industry 4.0, network with global tech players, and witness the vibrant synergy of ideas. This expo, held in the rising IT hub of Kozhikode, is not more than an event; it's a dynamic platform fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and international collaboration in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Calling all tech titans, aspiring innovators, and curious minds thirsting for the future! Prepare to be dazzled, for the Kerala Technology Expo (KTX) 2024 is on the horizon, ready to ignite your imagination and set your synapses ablaze. 
Do you have a passion for technology and innovation? Do you want to start your own business with creative ideas? Or do you just like to learn new things and see how technology changes our world? If you say yes to any of these questions, then you should not miss the Kerala Technology Expo (KTX) 2024! 

What You Need to Know about Kerala Technology Expo 


The Kerala Technology Expo 2024 is a big event that happens every year by the Calicut Innovation & Technology Initiative 2.0 (CITI 2.0). This event is for different kinds of businesses and industries, and it shows the new things and changes in the Malabar area. Also, KTX is a good place for business people to meet and talk, especially between Middle East Technology and Indian Technology. KTX is India’s biggest event for technology and innovation, where you can see, hear, and experience the latest trends and developments from February 29th to March 2nd, 2024, at the Calicut Trade Centre in Kozhikode. This event is happening in the middle of Kozhikode, which is a great example of how small and medium cities in India are not just following but leading the digital revolution. 

Why Should You Join KTX 2024? 

Reasons to Join Kerala technology Expo 2024: 

Networking and Collaboration: 

  • Connect with Middle Eastern tech players: Access wealthy potential partners with abundant resources.
  • Forge new partnerships and share ideas: Collaborate with international peers across diverse industries. 
  • Build professional networks: Expand your reach and meet key decision-makers within the tech space. 

Learning and Growth: 

  • Immerse yourself in the latest trends: Get insights into cutting-edge technology advancements across various sectors. 
  • Discover new approaches and innovations: Expand your knowledge base through diverse learning formats like talks, classes, and exhibitions. 
  • Gain valuable advice and expertise: Learn from renowned industry leaders and experts sharing best practices

Global Perspective and Exposure: 

  • Bridge the gap between India and the Middle East: Foster cross-cultural understanding and open doors to lucrative markets
  • Witness the bigger picture of global tech: See beyond India’s tech landscape and understand international trends. 
  • Gain a competitive edge: Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed about global tech movements and their potential impact. 

Overall Value: 

  • KTX 2024 is more than an event; it’s a catalyst for growth: Elevate your career, business, and network connections. 
  • Get access to funding and support: Network with potential investors and gain access to resources for your ideas. 
  • Become a part of a global wave of innovation: Be a key player in shaping the future of technology across international borders.

Calicut Innovation & Technology Initiative 2.0 (CITI 2.0) 

CITI 2.0

CITI 2.0 is a joint effort of nine partners, supported by the Malabar Chamber of Commerce (MCC) and working with top institutions like IIM Kozhikode and NIT Calicut. CITI 2.0 has a big vision. It wants to find out the hidden talents and opportunities in Kozhikode and make it a leading city in the new India. The Government Cyberpark Kozhikode and UL Cyber Park, Kozhikode (ULCC) started this society, which stands for Calicut Innovation & Technology Initiative. Calicut is the best city to host KTX 2024 because it is a shining example of the new way of growth. Kozhikode is a Tier 3 city and the third-biggest city in Kerala, but it is also a fast-growing IT hub. Kozhikode has a long history of trade and business, especially with the Middle East. Kozhikode is making a big impact on the economy, with its IT and other sectors. Kozhikode is a city of the future.

KTX is not a normal expo; it is a special mix of new ideas and tech. These are some main things that make KTX 2024 a great event to go to:

Beyond Progress: CITI 2.0 Shapes Kozhikode’s Smart Tech Future

  • The CITI 2.0 initiative embodies a collective endeavour in Kozhikode, underscoring the city’s ambition to emerge as a frontrunner in innovation and technology across India. This cooperative initiative is geared towards positioning Kozhikode as a central hub for burgeoning technologies and digital advancements.

CITI 2.0 Establishes Kozhikode’s Global Connection 

  • Recognizing the advantages of cross-cultural interaction, CITI 2.0 actively forges partnerships with international tech hubs and influential thought leaders. By fostering information exchange, sharing resources, and exploring potential co-creation ventures, this global engagement expands Kozhikode’s horizons and propels it into the worldwide realm of IT. 

Key highlights of Kerala Technology Expo 2024


Discover the Excitement at KTX 2024! 

  • Immersive and Energetic Sessions
    Participants can anticipate lively panel discussions, enlightening keynote speeches, valuable networking prospects, educational seminars, and captivating exhibitions. The event will also showcase cultural performances and guided tours, providing a sneak peek into the vibrant culture of Kozhikode. 
  • Key Areas of Focus
    KTX 2024 will highlight pivotal sectors such as Industry 4.0, healthcare, creative technology, real estate, food and agriculture technology, and retail technology. The inclusive focus encompasses AI & ML, Industry Cloud Platforms, AR/VR & Metaverse, Startups and privacy Hardware and robotics, and Security & Privacy
  • Revolutionary Changes
    The occasion is poised to present chances for pioneering solutions, where technology will shape the trajectory of every industry. It promises an exhilarating exploration of various verticals and horizontals, addressing present-day challenges.
  • Elevating Startups and Entrepreneurship 
    KTX 2024 stands as a pivotal launchpad for startups, providing an exclusive platform to showcase their pioneering innovations. The event is dedicated to nurturing an entrepreneurial environment, strategically connecting startups with potential investors, collaborators, and influential industry leaders. 


KTX 2024 gives new solutions, making a fun journey of different areas and levels while solving today’s problems. It gives a chance for new ideas to shine, changing the future of business and money
KTX 2024 isn’t just an expo; it’s a vibrant collision of minds where innovative solutions take shape. Witness AI doctors diagnose patients remotely, explore next-gen farming tools, and experience how Kozhikode is propelling India’s tech revolution. It is a meeting of brains, thoughts, and new things that will surely make a lasting impact on the future of tech in India and outside.


When is KTX 2024 scheduled to take place?


The Kozhikode Tech Fair is set to happen from February 29 to March 2, 2024.

What’s the location of the Kerala Technology Expo?


The event will take place at the Calicut Trade Centre in Kozhikode.

How much does it cost to enter KTX?


The entry fee for the KTX Expo is 2000 rupees. However, You can Score an early-bird discount at the KTX! Tickets bought before January 31st are just 1000 rupees + GST, half the regular price of 2000 rupees. secure your spot through this link

What can i expect to see at the Kerala Technology Expo?


The event is expected to feature more than 200 exhibitors, over 6,000 delegates, and a lineup of over 100 speakers.

Who should participate in KTX 2024?


People who should attend KTX 2024 include technology professionals, corporate executives, investors, startup enthusiasts, and individuals intrigued by the intersection of innovation, technology, and business.


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