Top 25 Tips to Increase Your Lead Conversion Rate

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For a beginner, the first question comes to mind is, what is leads?The term Lead is basically trying to initiate customer’s interest in your products or services that you are providing. Of course, sales are important to all business, so it becomes a mandatory to take care of the lead conversion rate for a successful business.
It’s not easy as it seems, but we are here to help. We have a basic how-to article which deals with how to convert leads to sales and of course it is useful to your business.

How to?
In the case of leads, your sales team must be able to engage and create attention when required.But it takes time and effort to observe and understand the market as well as the needs and wants.This is the most important thing when it comes to leads, so make sure not to focus only on one aspect. Go through this certain tips to improve your sale!

1.Listen and Understand

There is no other better introduction to customers than listening and understanding them. You may think that why some salesmen are best in selling.Because, they first listen to their customers and then sell, and it is the best way to convert leads to sales.

Make proper analysis on what are the things people wanting for and understand their needs before selling the product. In the case of selling, turn their wants or needs into a solution or a valuable product or service. This will not only create a good customer relationship with your business but also clear all doubts of customers with you and your product or service.

2.Give some education

There are people who don’t have much knowledge about these kinds of things, though some are surprisingly into it. And also, some of them are not even well educated. Providing proper education on their problems with the required solutions will be a great way to build trust, treat you as an industry expert and ultimately helping you to gain sales qualified leads.

Also, Why not you point out some benefits and great features in products or services? It is best for the customers and gives a great value.

3.Have some amazing offers

We, unfortunately, live in a competitive world. Because of this ongoing and continuous competition in every industry today, it becomes difficult to have good sales. This competition is, of course, most beneficial to customers as they have to get the opportunity to select from multiple choices in every product type and range.

If you are not providing something amazingly good or outstanding as offers, the customers will be least interested. So create some fantastic offers. Everyday customers see many offers.So offer something that blows their mind.Then nothing can stop them from using that offer.

4.No one likes to wait

Whether it is you or your leads, no one prefers to wait. Customers won’t wait for anything even if you are having an amazing product or service or offer.So make sure that you don’t do anything that makes them wait for.

5.Simple as that

When we have to wait for, automatically our interest drops down. And when it comes to leads, you have been seen that customers move on to your competitors or other products. To avoid this, make sure that you have internal routines where leads are regularly updated along with the customer services required.

Direct your online leads to your company’s mail service to avoid personal mailbox being overloaded with these emails.If you are not properly working on it some emails may not be seen.Ensure your customer service support is not limited to any particular area, provide services to all areas and also give online support too.

6.A question and a reply

Interacting with your leads creates a good customer relationship and of course, it is important for your company in terms of creating great sales. No leads may turn as sales if it is not interested, interacted and responded to the doubts or queries.

Ask your leads a question for which they have to reply.It may be something friendly or something which make leads.Ask questions or doubts regarding any concerns they may have. Clearing these kinds of doubts will be beneficial to the company as the customers will be doubt free and those leads surely turn as sales.Thus by this simplest way, we can convert leads to sales.

7.Have a time limit

You should have some deadlines in the case of communication. otherwise, your valuable time may be wasted by dealing with dead or useless leads that will give you no sale.Whenever you communicate, make sure that the lead will reply by a certain time. It will give the correct feedback that the lead is alive.

If you think there is a chance for a sale but that lead never makes a reply, then give another chance.Also, give a time delay to reply and still there is no response, consider the lead as dead and leave that lead. Don’t go behind the lead that doesn’t communicate you. It will waste your time, and instead of that, you can focus on something much more profitable and successful.

8.Bring those newsletters out

If you already have newsletters, bring them out now.For converting leads into sales, it could be a great way to prepare attractive newsletters and send them.It is a true fact. Newsletters can be created on both offline and online. It not only caters customer’s engagement and interest but also helps to make some good sales.

Unlike emails, it mostly about promotion and sales, newsletters deal with various other topics and areas, in which the customers are interested in. Newsletters can minimize the hype of sales and provide a way of enjoyment to the readers.The readers will be fully engaged if it has some interesting factors. It can be included items such as links to upcoming events, great quotes, to be released product news, what’s going on in the industry etc in Newsletters.
Once you completely did a proper newsletter, it can be a great way to make interest about your company in your customers, and surely you can make the lead conversion.

9.Work on your telephone skills

Customers will often use the telephone to call us on any inquiries, complaints, feedback, orders etc.So, make sure that your telephonic skills meet the requirements.As technology improves, the customer expects that changes in telephonic skills also, better than ever.

If your telephonic skills are worst, it will surely jeopardize the relationship between your company and customers. It gives a bad image about your company and throws your sales down the drain. It is fact that even the simplest form of sales may be most powerful. Make sure that your telephonic and communication skills are at it’s best and thus you can make those customers as sales qualified leads.Once you completely did a proper newsletter, it can be a great way to make interest about your company in your customers, and surely you can make the lead conversion.

10.Find where your most of your customers are

A Successful business should know where its potential customers are. As a business holder, you should know who and when to want your product or service. Also, it is important to make sure that you are not going behind the leads who are not interested in your product or service.I mean, come on, it’s a waste of time. You should sure about the places where there are chances to see your potential customers and convince them.

For example, for those cosmetic products, why you are not searching your customers, on online mediums like Social media sites, or through email campaigns. Of course, most of them in this generation search cosmetics online and find them.

But, you don’t waste your time by convincing leads who just don’t interested in your product or service. Potential leads or customers are there, outside, who are willing to buy your products or services by a little bit of marketing. Half of your product will be sold when you have a knowledge of those potential customers.


For converting leads into sales by marketing, you need to test your marketing strategies to make sure that it works and good as possible. These testing helps to detect the faults in all the areas like product, service, website, promotions, sales, communication, marketing etc. It also helps you to improve your business for sure, by making you or your customers happy.If you are selling online, why not test how customers actions towards each page on your website is.

The ultimate result of your test will surprise you, undoubtedly.Because you realize the truth that even the smallest features such as background color, wording or even text color affect the whole click rates.

Make some tests, by changing certain features or offers on your website or emails or social media sites. You can see how customers react to them and the changes in the results. Who knows you may find something that works miracles.

12.Email Marketing

You don’t get immediate sales through sending multiple emails. Don’t be a fool by doing this or constantly begging your customers for a sale.It will give you a negative impact among the leads by showing off how desperate you are. This type of marketing is annoying your leads. Try to be more personalized in these email marketing campaigns to increase your lead conversion rate.

Don’t drive away your leads.Always try something new in addition to the traditional marketing methods. Why don’t you include some value-added items (videos, resources, competitions) or offers along with the constantly sending emails only for sales?When we do this the emails will never look like only send for direct sales. It will build more impact on your customer relationship and also make the emails looking more interesting.

Do you know, only 10%-15% of your emails are needed to be sales oriented? And the rest 75%-80% are for building and strengthening your customer relationship. Are you at this range?Check it.


Personalisation can play a vital role in various marketing fields and strategies like email marketing, newsletters, telephone marketing etc.

At any time from anywhere, you can connect with your customers directly.But the important thing is it needs to be a little personalized. Personalisation never ends by just putting their names here and there. I’m speaking about make your marketing strategies personalized by speaking them about their desires, needs, likes as well as dislikes.

An example of this personalization that can be used in email marketing is, sending a welcome message or a thank you message personally for them. If you want to get more into it, you can create personally designed messages for occasions/festivals or even some great personal offers just for them! It will surely boost your image, sales, and trust. It shows all about how seriously you take care of your customers and your marketing.

14.Use your Social Media

Nowadays this will be a common and most popular method for all businesses.However for those small businesses and those who are starting up it is unknown to how much social media is there beneficially.Well, this point is for them.

Social media is a platform designed for businesses to connect with their leads or customers and interact with them directly or even indirectly.Social media marketing isn’t limited to one method or one way.There are various ways to increase your sales or convert leads to sales through social media.

Examples of these methods are hosting events or competitions, commenting and questioning in social media posts and pages, sending on status updates or tweets, share some great and appealing images on social media sites etc.

It’s all about the way you choose for getting touch with your customers. The more you are engaged and connected to your clients, the better in sales. The image and reputation of your company will also be improved.It will convey the leads that you care enough, interact and treat them well all the time.


There are so many competitors, businesses, and clients. Among them, your first target is to establish yourself as a leading authority in your industry. For smaller businesses, they need to survive and thrive well.After that, you need to establish your business and yourself. There are certain ways for that. To showcase yourself and try to establish your brand in the industry, is to post well-written content, blogs or articles on your website, or even social media channels.

If the content is educational rather than promotional, it is the best method.Because the readers should feel you aren’t always looking for sales but also have the interest to provide them the knowledge. You can also be a guest blogger or have a guest blogger for your business.By both ways, you can get more publicity and maybe have even educational seminars etc.

Find different ways in which you get more publicity and make yourself well known. If you want to be established in your industry and to get more sales from your leads, it is a necessary thing.

16.Know about your leads or customers

First of all, you should know everything about your leads.This is one of the best ways to convert leads into sales.Use all types of analytics, trackers, information, news etc which will help you to get to know about your leads. For online leads, use web analytics to learn about your customer’s online behavior. For offline leads, why not you do some survey, prepare a questionnaire and ask and observe the behavior of the leads in or out of store. You should be updated with what is popular in your industry in these days and what is preferable to the customers.You should have an idea about How the customer will get convinced and at what time your marketing will effective for your leads. Use demographics.

Learning about your leads and gaining insights will help your organization to market effectively, and thus lead to sales. If you are not much aware of the tastes, preferences, desires, wants, needs etc of your customers, then it’ll be difficult to gain sales.Or you may not get sales if your lead thinks that the marketing isn’t effective enough or personalized enough.

17.Sales and Marketing Team

The sales and marketing team of your company play an important role in converting your leads to sales. They are responsible for directing your leads into sales. The team will be analyzed on the basis of how much sales your company gains, how hard the team works for that, and how effectively they manage their job.

In order to have a great sales and marketing team and get their best, it’s up to you to recruit the best people and train them well. The self-motivation, perspective, knowledge about product/service and industry of the team will be most beneficial in the perspective of attaining sales.

Local search engine optimization services also can do great in terms of lead conversion. It is better to you to hire a search engine optimization expert. You should have the best people from industry in every field. The best teams perform the best.


I’m sure that we all went through some slow loading websites.We leave that sites so that we don’t have that much patience to sit and wait for loading the site.Though we live in a fast growing technological era, of course, slow loading websites are the worst things to see in this era, right?

Well, this is the main reason for your sales go down the drain.You would not get the expected online sales if you have a slow loading website with some poor navigation. No one likes to wait now especially with online websites. So make sure that you have a fast website for keeping your leads alive, without loose the interest and without leaving the site.

Only some popular companies like Amazon and eBay do everything they can to keep the speed of their website fast. To have an increased conversion rate and search engine traffic to your website, make sure that your website is fast as possible.


It also very important. You should keep the consultancy throughout your websites, landing pages, social media channels, newsletters and even emails. Make sure that all the information from your company about sales, promotions, marketing etc looking constant.

Consistency may create the feeling in customers that they are getting connected to the organization.If your activities are not constant, then it may lead to discontinuity in the relationship between you and your customer. This will certainly affect the conversion process of leads into sales.

Then, if you feel like you lose the connection with leads or they lose the interest in your product or service, it is sure that you are not consistent with what you do.

Leads always expect consistency in everything your company does. From newsletters to email promotions or even personalized messages, everything should have the consistency. Then only you can make your leads getting interested in your product or service for a long time.

20.Keep Leads Warm

You should expect the time when your customers are not interested in knowing about or seeing your product or service. It may be due to they are not willing to purchase your product or service just now. This shows your leads are still warm and you should keep them warm as long as possible.Don’t let them lose the interest and try to build more and more interest for tending them to just buy your product or service.

If a customer shows a little interest in your product or service then don’t lose the opportunity. There are a number of ways in which they can show their interest such as by a call, email or even through social media channels. If you find an interested lead, keep them interested through different ways. For example, if they are interested in calling, ask them if they want to be added to your email list. If a customer interested in your social media channels, direct them to your website or offers.

Care for them and build trust, then surely you’ll have more leads than ever.

21.Return On Those Investments

If you are one of those companies whose service or product has the potential to lead your customers to investment, then why don’t you use it?
In this world where money matters more than anything, you should go with something that attracts your potential leads or even unexpected leads.You should go with the marketing strategy that they are going to get money out of it.

Why don’t you ask questions like Do you want to increase your revenue? or Do you want to make more money?.Also, you can send emails, use social media channels and websites to promote your return on investments. Making more money will certainly an attraction to your leads which in turn increase your sales. Right?

22.Web Content

Sometimes, the content you provide for your online leads may not be right. That is, it is not just pleasing or not providing relevant information.Then your customer is wanting around for and of course, this will destroy your chances of attracting and gaining leads.

Treat every page as your landing page.This is the best way to create effective content for your website. You should make all pages enticing by giving importance to all the pages.Let your leads perform effectively to the desired actions such as filling out the forms or subscribing to newsletters and emails or even going through your social media channels or your website.

Make sure that each page posses a clear call-to-action that makes the conversion process simple. Make all the pages attractive by adding large fonts, contrasting colors, obvious positioning, quality images, good navigation etc. Most importantly, everything should be easy to use to your online users. Sometimes the simplest methods can be more effective to you.Of course, web content is very important on the prospective of digital marketing.


If you have constant customers who are interested in your product or services, but not ready to purchase, then here’s a great way to get those leads and turn them into sales.

Demonstrations of products or services can make a great impact on customers.From the demonstrations, a customer gets an idea about how it works, what are the benefits, how useful it is and can check whether it meets the expectations. The right demonstration about your products or services will stand out them. Rather than showing the advantages of your product or service, explain how useful it is to your leads.The live demonstrations will the clear all the doubts about the working of your product and of course, it is a great chance to market as it seen by many.

You can create online demonstrations videos and post them on social media channels, company website, YouTube etc. Live demonstrations of your product in supermarkets, shopping centers and malls are more effective.

The demonstration in terms of visualization or live demonstrations can be a great way to attract your potential customers or even unexpected customers and make them clear about your product or service.

24.Testimonials and Reviews

Nothing speaks out more than the testimonials and reviews from your valuable customers. Now, the leads will surely go through the reviews from other leads before they buy your products.They will read the reviews and testimonials that you have provided or they may ask their families and friends, who have tried your product or service.

It is best to keep the best testimonials for your product and service, so that it may make a good impact on your customers and let them make the decision for buying easy.

You should have those reviews from leads who are happy with your product or service and place them as an advertisement in stores or in shopping malls etc. You can also place good reviews and famous testimonials in emails and newsletter.

There is nothing wrong in showing off your happy leads as possible and it is better than any other methods to attract the customers and make more sales.

25.Follow-up everything

It is very important when we think about how to convert leads to sales.It can be handled by the sales and marketing team.How quickly they follow up and how effectively they handle the conversation can do a lot, whether or not a lead converts.

Follow-up is crucial if your brand is still top-of-mind, but seems difficult to convert leads to sales. Seventy-five percent of entrepreneurs say that a knowledgeable sales and marketing team and an appropriate timeframe are crucial to a successful follow-up.

Follow-up doesn’t mean that you do it for person-to-person.You can make the use of autoresponders through a marketing automation platform, to make sure that the message is relevant, and the recipient understands the intention of that message.

Go through the tips and find the area for improvisation.You should work on it for a long-term business success!



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