Best 50+ Famous WordPress Website Examples

November 2023
WordPress has become the most popular content management systems, powering a staggering 43.3% of global websites and claiming a dominant 65% market share. Its user-friendly interface and plugin-fueled flexibility make it the go-to platform for everyone, from solo bloggers to major brands like TechCrunch and Rolling Stone. Explore 50+ of the most popular WordPress websites across diverse industries, showcasing the platform's unparalleled versatility and stunning online experiences.
Famous wordpress websites

As many of you are probably aware, WordPress is the undisputed champion for creating blogs; it has evolved into a comprehensive content management system (CMS) that can effectively serve a wide range of needs, from extensive enterprise websites to popular online magazines. WordPress websites, being the backbone of the internet, are currently powering more than 43.3% of all websites, and its popularity as one of the best WordPress websites is still growing. Likely, it will soon claim nearly half of the entire online landscape.

Starting as a simple platform for creating blogs, WordPress has grown into the most widely used CMS globally. Today, WordPress dominates the CMS market with a whopping 65% share. It’s not just bloggers who use it; e-commerce businesses, famous individuals, major brands, and prominent news organizations rely heavily on it.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most well-known and best WordPress websites that run on this powerful CMS. Explore Popular WordPress websites across diverse categories:

Government Websites Built with WordPress

Top Personal Websites Built with WordPress

News and Magazine WordPress Sites

Leading Non-Profit WordPress sites

Top Business WordPress Websites

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Universities Using WordPress

Government Websites Built with WordPress



At the forefront of our lineup showcasing the most widely used websites built using WordPress. NASA The renowned space agency reaches new peaks with its WordPress site. The site has undergone consistent updates and redesigns since its inception in 2011. This carefully curated online realm serves as a cosmic centre, disseminating profound insights and captivating celestial marvels globally. The website showcases the agency’s monumental achievements and provides a platform for sharing revolutionary discoveries. It stands as a meticulously crafted digital universe, offering a wealth of knowledge about the cosmos. From unveiling groundbreaking findings to presenting awe-inspiring cosmic wonders, NASA’s WordPress website remains an iconic source of celestial enlightenment, captivating audiences with the mysteries of the universe.

NASA is one of the top WordPress websites which produce news which sparks the out the solar system.



The website provides regular updates on the most recent developments concerning the President of the United States, the economy, national security, budgets, immigration, and healthcare. In October 2009, they decided to use the open-source Drupal CMS for the website, which was seen as a significant achievement for both Drupal and open-source back then. However, without much attention, they switched to using a WordPress CMS instead of Drupal when they relaunched the website on December 15.

As a major powerhouse in the global world THE WHITE HOUSE website is the most renowned WordPress website examples.



The website of the U.S. Department of State (DOS) is built using WordPress and is designed for easy navigation with a well-organized structure. This government website includes specialized sections for travellers, students, employees, businesses, and more. Additionally, there’s a news section, and the DOS website is known for its fast-loading speed. And is government website.

The National Archives


The National Archives serves as the official repository of the UK government, preserving vital documents and ensuring responsible information management. Opting for WordPress as their content management system (CMS) after thorough consideration and prototype testing, they leverage the platform’s popularity, with over 22% global usage in content management systems as of May 2014. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, WordPress has gained widespread adoption, endorsed by government entities like the National Audit Office, as affirmed by Nick Halliday. This strategic choice aligns with the National Archives’ commitment to effective content management.

Share America


Visit to explore the highest-rated pages and popular, safe, and age-restricted-free content about America. This government website is free from malicious software, ensuring a secure browsing experience. Its layout is straightforward, with easily accessible menus, making Share America easy to navigate despite its intricacies. It serves as excellent inspiration for those looking to create a robust WordPress site like theirs.

Top Personal Websites Built with WordPress

Katy Perry


katy perry prefers her website to be straightforward, with all the important information easily accessible. katy perry is the renowned celebrity which uses WordPress to power their websites. And uses the website produce out the songs, videos, news, and live performances. The artist’s web store, where she sells items under her brand, is the last area on the homepage. The social network icons and the call-to-action for the newsletter are in both the header and the footer. Katy perry website is one of the most Top-rated websites which influenced whole musical world.



James Bond, an iconic character known for his impeccable style and sophistication, embodies a level of elegance that rivals the finest brands. Designing a website for this legendary 007 character demands an equal measure of refinement.

The site’s design exudes a royal aura, featuring three key colours: the background, text background, and the text itself. Abundant white space complements the white text set against a black backdrop.

The layout follows a grid or portfolio format, with images compensating for the limited colour palette, predominantly black and white. It’s precisely this monochrome scheme that elevates the site’s visual appeal. For anyone wondering if WordPress can be used to create websites for luxury brands, this website stands as a splendid example of what can be achieved in the hands of a skilled developer.



Rihanna’s website, powered by WordPress, distinguishes itself as an incredibly versatile celebrity platform. Functioning as a centralized hub for her fashion insights, the site not only offers fans style advice but also showcases a diverse array of music and makeup products. The homepage, reminiscent of an Instagram account, presents captivating photoshoot snapshots and magazine cover features. This digital platform allows Rihanna to generously share her fashion expertise, providing followers with a glimpse into her dynamic world. It transcends the typical website experience, offering a personalized immersion into Rihanna’s iconic movement, seamlessly blending fashion, music, and beauty. Notably, WordPress used by celebrities, underlines the site’s adaptability and user-friendly features.



Rafael Nadal stands out as one of the most celebrated champions in the world of professional tennis. His extraordinary accomplishments on the court and his meaningful contributions to the community off the court exemplify how his dedication and love for the game extend beyond the sport itself. Nadal’s official website serves as a gateway to the life and legacy of this exceptional athlete. Through the lens of WordPress, the site offers visitors a glimpse into Nadal’s world, showcasing both his professional milestones and personal moments. The site’s elegant design beautifully presents a wealth of photos, articles, and updates, creating a unique digital platform that reflects the remarkable journey of Nadal’s career and his genuine connection with fans.

Snoop Dogg


Whether you’re a fan or not, Snoop Dog the American rapper celebrity is using WordPress for his official website and it’s working out well. You can check out the latest news, tour details, videos, music, photos, and even shop online. Plus, it’s easy to connect with him on your favourite social media sites, thanks to the clear icons on his official WordPress site.



Usain Bolt isn’t just known as the fastest man in the world, having achieved the remarkable feat of winning three gold medals in three consecutive Olympic games, a feat known as the Triple. He also serves as a global ambassador for prominent brands. Additionally, he has established the Usain Bolt Foundation, launched a company called BOLT focused on urban mobility to assist those with mobility challenges, collaborated with Puma for a clothing line, partnered with Hublot for signature watches, opened a restaurant, and even ventured into the shaving and insole business. It’s safe to say that Usain Bolt is a very busy individual with a lot to offer to the world, and he relies on WordPress to help him manage it all. And one of the celebrities who use WordPress to power his digital track.

Alanis Morissette


Alanis Morissette is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress who holds both Canadian and American citizenship. She gained immense fame for her rock album, “Jagged Little Pill,” which sold a whopping 33 million copies worldwide. To delve deeper into her work, stay updated on her latest projects, or even grab some merchandise, visit her website. She’s even launched a podcast, available on her site, which is built on WordPress and can smoothly handle the influx of her fans. And its marked as one of the most WordPress websites success stories.

Steffie de Leeuw


Prominent Amsterdam-based artist and designer, Steffie de Leeuw, seamlessly blends influences from art masters and the allure of nature. With roots in both a creative upbringing and formal education at the renowned Willem de Kooning Art Academy, de Leeuw has evolved into a versatile artist and sought-after brand. Her website serves as a vibrant showcase of her diverse talents, offering a comprehensive canvas for her captivating creations. Beyond narrating her artistic journey, the site functions as an interactive portfolio, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in de Leeuw’s whimsical natural world and shop for a range of items, from fashion accessories to home decor. Accessing de Leeuw’s digital studio through her website provides an engaging and immersive experience for art enthusiasts.

News and Magazine WordPress Sites



In 1892, a weekly magazine was launched in the United States. Today, it has evolved into one of the most renowned online fashion and lifestyle magazines worldwide. And bagged the title high traffic WordPress website which attracts Americas fashions faces. Vogue covers a wide range of subjects including high-end fashion, beauty, culture, lifestyle, and runway trends. It has become a household name. Additionally, they offer all their print magazines from the very beginning in a digital format for readers to enjoy, using the WordPress platform.

Us Weekly


Us Weekly stands out as a well-liked entertainment and celebrity news website constructed on the WordPress platform. It presents a variety of content, encompassing celebrity rumours, fashion insights, beauty tips, and lifestyle news. As it like this gives to highly rated WordPress websites Renowned for its prompt coverage of the most recent happenings in Hollywood and popular culture, Us Weekly draws in a substantial online audience through its easily navigable interface and visually pleasing layout. The utilization of WordPress enables the website to efficiently update content, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience for its readers.



TechCrunch, a prominent American online newspaper focusing on technology and startups, serves as a prime example of a website powered by WordPress. Established in 2005 by Keith Teare and Michael Arrington of Archimedes Ventures, it was later bought by AOL for $25 million in 2010. According to Similar Web, TechCrunch attracts over 10 million visitors monthly. and paved way to high traffic WordPress website platform. This platform covers a wide range of topics including business in the tech sector, news, advancements in technology, emerging trends, startups, and new products.

Microsoft news


Microsoft News is a blog that smartly uses masonry grid layouts for its news articles. What’s even better is that it’s created using the WordPress platform, which makes it easy to create this kind of layout. And Microsoft news stand out as a most popular WordPress blog which shares relevant news to the digital industry. We probably don’t need to elaborate on why a well-known global brand like Microsoft earned a spot on this list.

TED Blog


In the world where vying attention for space TED Blog, which runs on WordPress, provides written versions of well-known TED Talks for those who prefer reading over watching videos. Being an unbiased, non-profit group dedicated to sharing ideas worldwide, it’s evident that the TED Blog team understands the essential website setup for success. And TED Blog is one of the top WordPress websites which share real human story.

Boing Boing


Established as an early weblog in 2000, Boing Boing has transformed into its current identity—an assorted blend of Link blogging, distinctive feature articles, podcasts, original videos, and handpicked selections from the web. It has become a hub where they exchange and uncover intriguing discoveries alongside fellow enthusiasts, known as happy mutants. The integration of WordPress-powered websites further enhances their platform, enabling seamless sharing and exploration of captivating content, solidifying Boing Boing as a dynamic space for the exchange of diverse and engaging online discoveries.

Facebook Newsroom


Looking for the most recent updates about Facebook? Head over to this website built on WordPress to find the latest news and official announcements from the popular global platform. Facebook is a major player in social media with billions of users worldwide, A most popular WordPress blogs share the Facebook related news up to date. So, they need a strong foundation for their blog. With WordPress, they can not only handle their blogging needs but also provide access to company details, a media gallery, a directory, and more.



Rolling Stone is a legendary and enduring magazine known for its in-depth coverage of music, entertainment, as well as important political and current affairs. The website, driven by WordPress, boasts a striking and lively layout, offering users an experience akin to flipping through the physical magazine, while providing simple access to articles, critiques, visuals, and additional content.

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art


The Smithsonian Institution is the biggest collection of museums, educational facilities, and research centres worldwide. It includes 19 museums and the National Zoo. Interestingly, one of its museum websites is created using WordPress and utilizes features like accepting donations, displaying image slideshows, using large menus, showing interactive calendars, and handling a high volume of daily visitors.

Flickr Blog


Flickr is a well-known platform for hosting images and videos. Its main purpose is to assist folks in arranging and exchanging photos and other visual content. This also extends to its blog, which deals with a substantial number of images and content-intensive articles. Thankfully, WordPress provides robust support for this. If you’ve ever been curious about a company blog powered by, now’s your opportunity to take a look.

The Harvard gazette


The Harvard Gazette, Harvard University’s official news website, utilizes WordPress to disseminate comprehensive articles and updates covering university research, events, and academic accomplishments. With a streamlined design and user-friendly navigation, it provides readers with an informative browsing experience. The use of WordPress facilitates effective content publishing and ensures the site can reach a wide audience keen on staying informed about Harvard’s advancements in education and research.

cPanel blog


It makes sense that the most widely used control panel in WordPress hosting uses WordPress to run its own blog. If you have an online presence and are familiar with WordPress, you’ll likely be well-acquainted with cPanel and might even use it frequently for your own website.

The Asian Legacy Library


The Asian Legacy Library (ALL) is an international nonprofit committed to safeguarding global cultural literary expressions. With a history spanning decades, the organization persists in establishing the library as a universally accessible repository. WordPress serves as the reliable backbone and content management system for constructing a well-structured, user-friendly digital repository.

Non-Profit website built with WordPress

Creative commons


Creative Commons embodies the essence of upholding an internet that is free and open to all. It not only underscores the importance of providing creators with a liberating license but also facilitates global access to remarkable content. Striking a harmonious balance between these realms, Creative Commons stands as a potent website on the dynamic platform of WordPress. With a sleek design, it radiates empowerment, featuring an abundance of news, a rich trove of resources, and a creatively crafted layout that captivates the audience. In the realm of WordPress, Creative Commons emerges as a beacon of exceptionalism.

Dreaming of a stunning WordPress website? We can help you bring your vision to life! Lets dig deeper possibilities with our top-notch WordPress development services and discover valuable insights to fuel your online success.

The Obama foundation


The meticulously structured website, enriched with captivating multimedia and ample resources, underscores the versatility of WordPress in conveying a compelling and inspiring narrative. The Obama Foundation’s commitment to creating a positive impact, coupled with their selection of WordPress, positions it as a noteworthy and influential online hub for those seeking engagement with vital global issues and community empowerment. Notably, it stands out as a highly esteemed WordPress website in the United States, further amplifying its significance in the non-profit sector.

The jane Goodall institute


The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is a global non-profit committed to local conservation, focusing on protecting African chimpanzees and great apes while improving the well-being of nearby communities. JGI also supports youth-led initiatives worldwide. Their website, drawing 50,000 monthly visitors, facilitates donations through a WordPress-powered system and hosts an eCommerce shop for merchandise. Engaging users, the site employs a photo slider with GIFs on the homepage and utilizes the built-in block animation feature on the About page. Various plugins, offering diverse effects, are accessible in the catalogue, enhancing user interaction through hover-over descriptions.

Help code


Help Code is a non-profit entity dedicated to creating a positive influence through technology and innovation. Focused on narrowing the digital gap and enabling marginalized communities, Help code uses technology to furnish children with quality education, improved living conditions, and a supportive community. And an example of simple WordPress website which a non–profit organisation, run on the WordPress platform, delivers a user-friendly experience with the added benefit of multilingual adaptability, enabling the organization to effectively connect with its global audience.

Age of Union


Age of Union, a non-profit organization, champions global conservation by financially supporting impactful projects and employing art and technology for environmental awareness. The organization’s website, built on WordPress, skillfully communicates its message through a contemporary newspaper layout on the homepage. The site’s vibrant and trendy design reinforces the connection between art and inspiring change. Visitors can explore the nonprofit’s manifesto, information on ongoing projects, and a dedicated section for the Earth Centre in Montreal—a physical space showcasing galleries, installations, and film presentations, embodying the essence of their non-profit mission.

Top Business WordPress website

The Newyork Times company


The website of The New York Times Company acts as a canvas for the organization to chronicle its history. Through a clean and intentional design, the site weaves a multimedia narrative that visually honours the origins of the newspaper. Striking black and white headlines harmonize with impactful visuals, guiding visitors through a seamless visual odyssey. The site provides navigation options for specific sections, covering company details, journalistic approach, careers, and investor information. Rooted in the WordPress platform, The New York Times Company website leverages robust publishing and customization features, ensuring an online experience reflective of the excellence found in its journalism.

Out Brain


Outbrain, a well-known advertising platform, opts for WordPress due to its excellent structure and appealing visuals. They showcase their services effectively, providing ample visuals and showcasing their work. Visitors can easily access resources and learn more about their business. They have a dedicated news section and a press centre. The categories are all well-designed, with impressive visuals and Outbrains examples load very quickly.



Fabbrica, conceived by childhood friends Sandro and JR, is a tribute to the heartfelt spirit of Italy through its three restaurants situated in France. They boast a menu that is 95% homemade, meticulously prepared with fresh, organic, and authentic Italian ingredients. Reflecting this passion, Fabbrica’s website merges a contemporary and playful design with charming scroll effects, all made possible by WordPress. The focus is not solely on delectable cuisine but on delivering a complete immersive experience, both on the plate and on the web page.

Timber Yard


Timberyard is an acclaimed restaurant located in the historic center of Edinburgh, boasting a Michelin star. It has earned a reputation as a must-visit for food enthusiasts, showcasing a culinary approach centred around quality ingredients that celebrate nature, Scotland’s rich pantry, and the talents of local artisans. The website for Timberyard adopts a minimalist design, combining impactful photography with ample white space to tell the unique story of the restaurant. Leveraging the design and content management features of WordPress, the site effectively showcases the eatery’s cuisine and strong connections to tradition and local culture.

Heart aerospace


Heart Aerospace is an innovative company focused on developing electric aviation solutions for regional air travel. Their goal is to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of flying, envisioning a future where air travel is not only faster but also more environmentally friendly. The website of Heart Aerospace is carefully crafted with a bright and spacious aesthetic, providing ample room for its content. Leveraging the capabilities of the WordPress platform, the site effectively translates the intricacies of aerospace engineering into a visually striking and captivating digital experience for all audiences.



Userback offers tech solutions for product teams, streamlining the collection and integration of user feedback. Through widgets and software, the platform simplifies the feedback process, providing a robust means for direct engagement with end-users. The Userback website, crafted on WordPress, serves as an inviting gateway for visitors to explore the company, its software, and its mission. It presents a thoughtfully designed interface, encouraging users to delve into the offerings and ethos of the organization.

Hey Studio


Hey Studio, is a design workshop located in Barcelona, focusing on brand identity, editorial design, and illustration. With a polished aesthetic and a love for geometry and colour, they create visual experiences that enhance brands and connect with viewers. The website, using WordPress as its platform, is visually appealing, reflecting Hey Studio’s creative style through its vibrant and sleek design and which is reflected as a creative WordPress website.



MOREAN is a creative production agency collaborating with brands to develop cutting-edge creative technologies. Focusing on animation and various interactive media, MOREAN excels in simplifying intricate concepts into compelling and accessible storytelling. By utilizing WordPress, MOREAN can elevate its digital presence into a top-notch portfolio. This showcases their commitment to thoroughly comprehending their client’s needs while allowing their remarkable body of work to convey their expertise.

Cracker and Rush


In a world where brands incessantly vie for attention, Cracker and Rush emerges as the branding company that ignites the spark necessary to truly stand out. With their creative brilliance and innovative strategies, they are setting the industry ablaze. Cracker and Rush was established on the fundamental belief that branding should be a dynamic and engaging experience, capturing the essence of a business while leaving a lasting impact. Born from a profound passion for redefining how brands connect with their audiences, the founders envisioned a branding agency that transcends the ordinary, providing a fresh perspective to generate excitement and cultivate lasting ties. Cracker and Rush’s website is powered by WordPress, showcasing not only their commitment to dynamic branding but also leveraging the capabilities of WordPress for an engaging online presence. And boosted with custom WordPress theme which highlighted the website.

Now New Next


The Now New Next (NNN) serves as an informational hub developed by the creative agency Fuego Camina Conmigo. This platform compiles valuable information, resources, and training materials to give Fuego’s clients a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing evolution in creativity, technology, and branding. Thus, stand out as a creative WordPress website integrated with creative wordpress design to attract the creative minds from Spain. The Now New Next website stands out for its impressive web design, crafted with precision and creativity. Every scroll and interaction are infused with deliberate and entertaining details that reflect Fuego’s unique and unconventional approach to their work. Given the high degree of customization, it’s not surprising that the agency opted for WordPress as the foundation for their website.



Gus stands out as a creative strategy agency that has earned accolades, hailing from New York. While emphasizing production, the agency is also skilled in brand and creative development. Noteworthy is their portfolio featuring collaborations with international brands such as Spotify, Vimeo, and CNN. The Gus website exudes playfulness and a pleasantly disruptive vibe, effectively mirroring the agency’s distinctive style. Through clever web design powered by WordPress, the site showcases features like peek-a-boo scrolling, dynamic transitions from 2D to 3D design, and engaging animations, all of which stay true to Gus’s unique brand personality.



Magnet Wire Technology (MAG) has been at the forefront of enamelled wire machine technology innovation for more than seven decades. Headquartered in Austria and renowned worldwide, MAG has consistently adapted its machines and technological strategies.

The WordPress-based MAG website dynamically showcases the company’s rich history, steadfast commitment to sustainability, and unwavering dedication to advancing its technology. The site’s sleek design, featuring deliberate abstract wire-inspired details, aligns seamlessly with MAG’s emphasis on innovation and forward-thinking for the future.

Novatlas Group


The Novatlas Group is a leading French firm specializing in the construction sector, particularly in 3D acquisition, site monitoring, and topography. With a focus on expansive global projects, the company connects technology, sustainability, and advancement to contribute to a more promising future. The company’s website reflects its principles and aspirations as a pioneer in the field of major construction projects. Running on WordPress, the site provides details about Novatlas, its evolution, and updates on ongoing projects.

E-Commerce WordPress Website

Air stream


Airstream is a company that specializes in making travel trailers. Their website keeps it simple with a clean design, where the focus is on showcasing their products through prominent images. Which stand out as a business website. Which attracts the common people to their e-commerce circle. This setup allows visitors to direct their attention straight to what they offer. The use of large text and a clear call-to-action button alongside the images also aids visitors in swiftly grasping what Airstream is all about.



Tonal, a company that specializes in smart home gym equipment for athletes and sports enthusiasts, is another notable WordPress website example. The site’s design is sleek and uncomplicated, aligning well with its cutting-edge product. One intriguing feature of the website is its use of videos to highlight the product. Additionally, it prominently displays the brand ambassador and media reviews on the main page, enhancing the company’s reputation.



Holzweiler is a renowned Norwegian apparel brand established with a deep love for fashion, art, and skilful craftsmanship. Dedicated to crafting garments that go beyond fleeting trends and endure over time, the brand draws inspiration from its surroundings, encompassing architecture, the natural world, and modern culture. The Holzweiler website utilizes WordPress to present its enduring collections in a sophisticated manner, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for its worldwide clientele.



Wiley, or John Wiley & Sons, Inc., an American publishing giant, focuses on instructional materials and academic publishing. Despite the text-heavy nature of publishing sites, Wiley’s website, built on WordPress, stands out with well-organized content using headings and white space. This ensures a user-friendly experience, enhanced by strategic calls to action like “Learn More” and “Continue Reading.” Wiley’s commitment to diversity is evident in lifestyle photos on the homepage, featuring various demographics. This not only reflects corporate responsibility but also emphasizes their belief in an inclusive education environment, where boundaries are non-existent. Overall, Wiley’s website serves as a model of accessibility, navigation, and diversity in web design.



Established by Cliff Cooper in 1968 in London, Orange Amplifiers stands as a leading global guitar amplifier company. Renowned for our exceptional all-tube amps and meticulously crafted speaker cabinets, the brand has attracted a diverse array of musicians, from iconic bands like Led Zeppelin to contemporary artists like Weezer. Notably the commitment to excellence extends to their online presence, as WooCommerce store and website being powered by WordPress, ensuring a seamless digital experience that mirrors the precision and artistry of our musical products. The legendary British-style tone produced the amplifiers has become synonymous with quality in the music industry.



Miga Studio is a renowned eyewear label that seamlessly blends expressive Italian design with Japanese minimalism. The brand’s meticulous focus on details and purposeful selection of materials showcases a level of craftsmanship that sets it apart in the industry. The Miga Studio website serves as a modern online store, utilizing WordPress integration with enhanced functionalities from WooCommerce. The outcome is a smooth and chic shopping platform where visitors can effortlessly explore, purchase, and engage with the brand’s unique collection of eyewear.

Entertainment sites built with WordPress

Angry birds


It might sound a bit surprising, but Angry Birds has quickly transformed from a well-known mobile app/game into a full-fledged movie shown in cinemas. It’s not just limited to mobile devices; it’s now available on PCs and game consoles, and even has its own TV show. And nick named as creative WordPress website which attracts the online games of all age groups. On top of that, there’s a whole range of merchandise like clothing and toys. You can get the popular game directly from its website for your device. Considering there were over 2 billion downloads in just 2014, it’s clear that WordPress is handling a massive amount of traffic.



Sony Music Entertainment, a global music powerhouse, boasts a diverse roster of local and international artists, showcasing a rich musical history. Their WordPress-powered website, ranked among the top 10 entertainment music hubs globally, garners over 33 million monthly visitors. Sony Music attributes this surge in traffic to their ongoing commitment to crafting online platforms with intuitive navigation, immersive interactions fostering fan-artist connections, and cutting-edge features that resonate with consumers. The company’s success lies in its dedication to creating a dynamic online space that reflects the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

The Walt Disney Company


This famous brand, renowned for crafting the most joyful place on the planet, also makes smart use of the top-notch Content Management System (CMS) known as WordPress. With a prominent eye-catching image, a navigation menu that stays put, and separate sections for investors, folks seeking new career paths, and the company’s charitable work, this website truly showcases the design and features that WordPress is known for. And one of top WordPress websites which showcases the identity as unique.

Opus One


Opus One is an all-encompassing event and performance space situated in Switzerland. Specializing in overseeing the entire production process, from inception to security to promotion, the venue is committed to crafting unparalleled immersive experiences, be it for concerts, comedy performances, or distinctive cultural exhibits.

The website for Opus One, constructed using WordPress, features a lively layout with vibrant visuals and dynamic transitions and animations. It enthusiastically reflects the theatricality and fervour that the company channels into its daily operations.

Orchestre Métropolitain


The Orchestre Métropolitain (OM), a prominent Montreal-based symphonic orchestra and a cultural symbol of Quebec, curates a diverse repertoire spanning classical masterpieces to collaborations with global musicians, positioning itself as a significant player in the entertainment landscape. The orchestra’s website, reflecting its essence, places a strong emphasis on video elements and seamless animations, creating joyful interactions. Sections detailing mission, programming, education, and community outreach are prominently featured. The site streamlines ticket information, actively encouraging visitors to support the orchestra through various channels. Renowned for bold artistic choices and accessible performances, Orchestre Métropolitain utilizes the adaptability of WordPress to fashion an entertainment-centric site embodying these principles.

BBC America

BBC- America-wordpress-site-screenshot

For the melting pot culture of the United States BBC America provides top-notch American scripted TV series along with the finest British entertainment, making it a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Familiar with shows like Dr. Who or Planet Earth II? BBC America is the creative force behind them, as well as numerous other drama series, science fiction shows, and nature documentaries. It even offers movie streaming. What sets this website apart is that you can also explore their blog and shop for merchandise online.



The Disney Books website captures the enchantment of WordPress, presenting a delightful digital collection of Disney’s literary gems. This online store seamlessly blends the magic of Disney storytelling with a user-friendly layout, offering a vibrant and immersive journey for readers of every age. Whether you seek timeless stories or fresh escapades, Disney Books brings the pleasure of reading to life in a manner only Disney can provide. Disney books is considered as the most Highley rated Entertainment WordPress websites which is reliable to all ages.

The Webby award


The Webby Awards, an unrivalled global platform lauding internet excellence, is a trailblazer in acknowledging exceptional achievements across digital realms. Recognizing prowess in web design, video production, and creative technology, The Webbys set a gold standard for online innovation. Powered by WordPress, The Webby Awards’ website embodies digital excellence with its chic design, seamless navigation, and dynamic content. This WordPress-driven platform offers visitors an immersive experience to explore award details and delve into the triumphs of past honourees, further solidifying its standing in the digital landscape.

Universities using WordPress

Harvard university


Harvard University stands as one of the most impactful educational institutions globally, and the prominent university using WordPress holding the title of the oldest higher education establishment in the United States. Renowned for its prestigious courses, esteemed faculty, and notable alumni, Harvard has earned international recognition. Harvard’s website, crafted using WordPress, boasts a modern design that enhances user-friendly navigation. Exploring the site proviades a lively snapshot of the dynamic campus life, groundbreaking research, and diverse community that characterize this iconic university.

Oxford university blog


The Oxford University Press has a WordPress blog as well. And its popular WordPress blogs amongst the university cradle .t’s clear that it’s thoughtfully organized, offering a wide range of categories. Each story provides a snippet, with the option to read more. Furthermore, you can find podcasts and other content details, and the overall quality is quite engaging. It’s impressive to see how it brings together different types of content seamlessly. And yes, it all stays connected and is very user-friendly, without restricting access. It’s a fantastic example and something worth taking notes from.

Cultural Commons


The Cultural Commons at the University of Melbourne is a digital platform that encapsulates the belief that culture is central to every community. This online space provides access to diverse cultural resources, encompassing museums, galleries, special collections, and theatre.

Operated by WordPress, the Cultural Commons website presents a preview of the available works directly from the homepage. Featuring a straightforward black and white design, the site prompts visitors to engage with content through image galleries, articles, and embedded videos, encouraging them to watch, listen, read, and experience.

Now that you are acquainted with some of the most popular WordPress websites, have you ever wondered why WordPress is trending among big names? Let’s delve into the reasons that make WordPress the optimal choice for constructing the best and most popular WordPress websites

What Makes WordPress the World’s Most Popular CMS?

WordPress, a versatile content management system, is behind 14.7% of the world’s top websites. This includes renowned brands and magazines like Sony Music, THE WHITE HOUSE, and Vogue.

So, why do these big-name companies choose WordPress? Here are some reasons:

  • Easy to use: Unlike other CMS platforms, WordPress doesn’t require any prior knowledge of coding or web development. Even someone who isn’t tech-savvy can set up a site with ease.
  • Free and open-source: WordPress is completely free and open-source. You can download, use, and customize it to your liking without any cost. You only need to pay for domain registration and web hosting. This makes WordPress an excellent choice for both tech-savvy individuals and developers.
  • Wide range of themes and plugins: WordPress offers a vast selection of plugins (59,626) and tens of thousands of free and premium themes. This allows for extensive customization, making it suitable for all types of websites.
  • You own your data: With WordPress, you have full ownership and control over your data—your website, your content.
  • Active community & Support: WordPress has a supportive community with abundant blogs, articles, tutorials, videos, and documentation available online. Additionally, real people are ready to help through online community forums.

There are many other valuable features of WordPress that contribute to its status as the most popular CMS, such as its SEO-friendly nature and support for multiple languages.


WordPress, a leading CMS globally, excels in robust content creation, pivotal for modern businesses. From web design themes to user-centric technology, its focus on high-quality, engaging content resonates and is widely shared. Businesses seek skilled professionals to shape consumer behaviors through empowering content. A webpage’s rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing correlates with the relevance and quality of its content, showcasing WordPress’s significance. Despite its prowess, WordPress may not be ideal for everyone, as the choice of a platform hinges on meeting individual needs, ease of use, and optimal user experience.


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